About Us

MENTORS PACT abbreviated as M.PACT also serves as a multi

meaning acronym that is displayed in our logo, and coat of

arms - which stands for (Mentors Prevention and Cure Treatment).


The reasoning behind choosing this specific name is because it implies two very specific, meaningful, and powerful words -

which our organization strives to represent.


Our first course of action is to form a [Pact]. Our pact is to have a positive [Impact] on improving our communities.



The definition of the word pact is: a formal agreement, such as one between nations: a treaty

2. a compact, a bargain- to agree - a contract/to fix, to fasten.


The definition of impact is: To push together, impinge/to

press together. 2. (a) To have an impact on (b) to strike

forcefully: also, to cause to strike forcefully. [2]. Impact: The force of impression of one thing on another: a significant or major effect.

The meanings of these words are precisely the effects needed to make any significant positive changes in our communities.

The goal of Mentors Pact is to form the type of organization that can make such a change.

We aim to make youth and adult mentoring a natural part of

every day life in urban communities, and aspire to truly

become the villages that properly raise our children, and be

M.Pact's Logo and Coat of Arms

Meanings and Symbolism

1. (Apple): Symbolizes Knowledge, split open to reveal the

seeds of wisdom.

2. (Halo): Symbolizes 360 degree full circle, which represents wisdom. Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Every Mentor should be knowledgeable and posses a certain

degree of wisdom before even being eligible to offer someone else guidance.

3. (Crossed Spear Heads): Symbolizes a Warriors heart - also represents "Iron sharpening Iron" as "Man sharpens Man" - like stated in the book of proverbs, (27: 17).

4. (Balancing Scale): Symbolizes Equilibrium - everything in life has to have balance.

5. (The Chalice - \/): Symbolizes Womanhood/Fertility, and

feminism - The Woman also represents stability.

6. (The Phallus - /\, also called the Blade): Symbolizes

Manhood/Masculinity, and aggression - the man also represents balance.

7.The Blade/\ and Chalice\/ fused together [like the yin and yang] represents manhood protecting womanhood,the harmony of balance and stability, and two spirits merged as one.

8. (The < or >): Are both Mathematical symbols for greater

than or equal to. When placed between the (P, and the C), it's stating that the "Prevention" is worth more than the "Cure",

and that the cure is also "equal" to the prevention.

The methods of prevention and cure are one and the same. "An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure."